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ARA290 tegen neuropathische pijnen

ARA290 tegen neuropathische pijnen, een nieuw klein eiwitje dat afkomstig is van erythropoietine, het hormoon dat een rol speelt bij de vorming van rode bloedcellen. Het middel is nu in fase II, menselijk onderzoek. Het middel remt de ontstekingen, waarvan we weten dat die bij neuropathische pijnen een grote rol spelen. In die zin is het mechanisme enigszins te vergelijken met het supplement dat in Nederland al veel gebruikt wordt bij neuropathische pijnen.


De resultaten van een dierproef werden in 2011 als volgt samengevat:

ARA290 produces long-term relief of allodynia because of activation of the β-common receptor. It is argued that relief of neuropathic pain attributable to ARA290 treatment is related to its antiinflammatory properties, possibly within the central nervous system. Because ARA290, in contrast to erythropoietin, is devoid of hematopoietic and cardiovascular side effects, ARA290 is a promising new drug in the prevention of peripheral nerve injury-induced neuropathic pain in humans. [1] 

De farmaceutische industrie die het produceert zegt erover:

ARA 290 is a short peptide that was designed utilizing surface-simulation modeling to mimic the three-dimensional structure of the tissue protective region of an endogenous protein that has several biological functions, one of which is to interact with a tissue protective receptor, shutting down the local inflammatory reaction. In disease or as a result of injury, the tissue protective receptor is available, but the signaling protective protein is expressed in a delayed and attenuated manner. This timing sequence permits expansion of the inflammatory process to destroy microorganisms or dead cells before shutting down. However, the enhanced inflammatory reaction can cause collateral damage to otherwise healthy tissue surrounding the injury, and often amplifies a minor injury into a large lesion with potentially devastating, long-term consequences to the afflicted individual. For example, the extensive disability from a stroke is often the result of the expanded inflammatory reaction to a local cerebrovascular event that, if limited only to the irreversibly damaged brain tissue, would reduce significantly the extent of long-term deficit 


[1] Swartjes M, Morariu A, Niesters M, Brines M, Cerami A, Aarts L, Dahan A. | ARA290, a peptide derived from the tertiary structure of erythropoietin, produces long-term relief of neuropathic pain: an experimental study in rats and ╬▓-common receptor knockout mice. | Anesthesiology. | 2011 Nov;115(5):1084-92.